30 Dresses in 30 Days!

This September I have decided to challenge myself. Now that I have finished my Masters, I thought it would be good to have something fun to work on whilst I continue the search for a new job. So, I decided to try and wear a dress for each day of September. I love wearing dresses, but I definitely sometimes need a break every so often so it will be interesting to see how it goes. As sad as this makes me, I definitely do not own 30 dresses, even if I included my wedding dress (as much as it would being me joy I will probably not be including that dress in this months wears). Consequently, I have given myself the following rules for the challenge:

  1. I have to try and wear a dress everyday but I am allowed to include skirts in this.
  2. I can wear the same dress more than once over the space of the month.
  3. I don’t have to wear the dress all day (this would make working out very hard).

If you want to follow along on this journey with me, I will be posting a concluding update on here, but if you want to see my dresses everyday come check out my instagram @dearlybookish, where I will be posting semi-regular updates. If you want to take part I would love to see your daily dresses too, so please tag them #dearlydresses.

Lots of love,

Dearly Bookish


Bookish Dresses

Welcome lovely readers!

As I am sure you will so come to realise, I adore dresses. Honestly, my fashion style tends to fluctuate on a regular basis – one day I will be wearing jeans, a stripey top and blazer, the next I will be wearing a tea-length 50s style dress complete with petticoat. As much as I tend to enjoy the practicality that jeans afford, I am usually happiest in a dress.

I love stripey t-shirts almost as much as I love the colour burgundy!

Up until last year, I struggled to find a dress that I truly felt comfortable in – being on the heavier side, I often felt high street shop dress were too short, or not really suited to my body shape – until I happened upon the youtube channel Jessica Out Of The Closet. I adored all of the dresses Jessica was wearing that had that very feminine whimsical vibe, and were finally long enough that I didn’t have to worry about flashing people all of the time. Cue a ridiculously long amount of time spent on a variety of Vintage dress websites. My favourite shop right now is Lindy Bop, although I also have some beautiful pieces from Hell Bunny, Collectif, and Joanie Clothing.

This dress is definitely one of my favourites!

My lovely wife surprised me with the Lindy Bop ‘Bletchley’ Book Print dress for Valentine’s Day this year. I absolutely adore it, and love wearing it to bookish events and/or work. It is so much fun and contains gorgeous detailing on each of the books. The bright turquoise belt adds a lovely waist detail to the dress, and I enjoy the feeling of the fabric. Another huge plus is the length – the dress comes to below my knees so is super comfortable to wear. Oh and before I forget… it has POCKETS!!!

And who doesn’t love a cute pair of slippers to go with a pretty dress!


30 Dresses in 30 Days Update!

Hello lovelies!

It has been a while but I am back to give a brief update on my 30 dresses in 30 days challenge. First of all, I am very proud to say that I was pretty successful in completing my challenge. All in all I think I only missed two days throughout the challenge.

Head over to my instagram @dearlybookish to see some of my looks from September and let me know what you favourites were.


A Lovely Time in Lyme

I’m recently back from a glorious week down south in Lyme Regis, Dorset with my wife’s family. There were 8 of us in total, and we were all able to stay in the gorgeous Landmark Trust Property, Belmont.

Belmont House, Lyme Regis

‘I honestly don’t think we could have had a better location, the bottom of the garden had a gate that led onto a road that took us straight down to the seafront and Cobb. Even the view from the back of the house was spectacular.

Day 1: Arrival

We arrived midday just in time to meet the second half of the party and head down to the seafront for lunch. We found this lovely cafe called Swim that became our firm favourite for the rest of the week. Half of us then headed along to the Cobb for the first time and got some yummy ice-cream on the way back up the hill to the house. Special shout out to you Baboo Ice Cream for providing much needed refreshments for the majority of the holiday. We checked in to Belmont and explored around the house and its accompanying observatory tower (yes I said TOWER)! We spent a lovely evening with drinks in the garden before relaxing after our long travel day.

Day 2: Fossil Walk

On our second day it didn’t just rain, it poured. However, we set off suitable rain-jacketed and full of excitement for hunting down some of the famous Jurassic Coast fossils. We met up with our tour guide, and the rest of our fossil hunting group, outside of the Fossil Museum. With the help of the guides we found lots of different fossils including ammonites and belamites. Towards the end of our 3.5 hour walk the sky opened and the rain started bucketing it down even more. We all sped back along the beach and into the main part of Lyme Regis where we, slightly soggily, grabbed some bits for lunch and anything else we had forgotten to order in the food shop. After quick shower and some soup and pasties to fortify ourselves, we retired to the living room for an afternoon of napping and reading before a games night that evening. Top games of that night included Happy Salmon, a must-play for all of the family. (although it must be said Granny graciously bowed out of that one, and Exploding Kittens where much hilarity ensued.

Day 3: Let’s Explore

It was fish for the meat-eaters and Halloumi for the veggies for dinner that night, so an exploration team, including myself, was sent out to find the fish shop. This early morning walk gave us the best opportunity to explore parts of Lyme Regis that we had yet to visit and meant we found some of the most gorgeous ares including the one below.

A few wrong turns, double-backs and some 5,000 steps we returned to the house sans fish (the shop didn’t open until much later) but full of laughter and tales of our morning adventure. A fortifying cup of tea later, we all set off this time, some to (finally) get the fish, and the rest, myself included, to head for lunch (Swim again) and explore the seafront and Cobb a bit more. We had a lovely time walking around and took some amusing photos at the end of the Cobb, and on Granny;s teeth (the site of the infamous fall in Persuasion). The fish and ‘fishish’ dinner was a hit, and whilst some headed to bed early that evening, the rest of us stayed up chatting until the early hours.

Day 4: Birthday Girl

It was my lovely wife’s birthday on day 4, so we let her decide what to do. I started the morning by decorating a little bit for the birthday girl, including blowing up some balloons that I had picked up before heading down. Then it was cake time! The birthday girl requested Passion Fruit flavoured cake, so that is what she got. In the end it became a Victoria sponge cake with passion fruit curd and cream in the middle…yum!

The birthday girl then made her morning appearance for breakfast and presents. We all got in the car and headed to Forde Abbey, it was gorgeous. We were there way before the abbey actually opened so we decided to head round the gardens first. The fountain that went off shortly after our arrival certainly did not disappoint, and the rest of the gardens were truly spectacular. After a quick lunch stop, we had a look round the abbey itself and even played dress up with some of the costumes. The gift shop was a highlight too, especially the Tam Mason hand scrub that we all came away with. Seriously makes your hands so soft, it was in the bathrooms there, and we all became obsessed.

We headed home mid-afternoon, for a relax and a bit of a wander before dinner. We ended up at HIX Oyster and Fish House which was lovely, and had great vegetarian options considering it was a fish restaurant. After far too much food we meandered back up the hill for a cup of tea before heading to bed.

Day 5: Beach Day

We chose a relaxing day on the Friday and spent a lovely day at the sea swimming, playing games and enjoying ice cream. We even found the time to do some souvenir shopping, and were able to enjoy an afternoon in the garden and having some visitors over for dinner.

Day 6: Bridport Beach Day

For our second last full day we chose to venture out of Lyme Regis again and along the coast to Bridport, location of the popular British show Broadchurch. A lovely walk turned up some gorgeous pictures of the beach and sea. After lunch at the local pub, we even got to enjoy a quick run in the car around the town itself.

Day 7: Charmouth and our final day in Lyme

Sunday saw us again taking off and heading along the coast, this time to Charmouth. After some lovely walks along the coast we headed for lunch. We finished our time in Charmouth at the local museum, before half of the party chose to walk along the beach back to the Lyme regis. The rest of us headed back, and me and the wife took a wander back down into Lyme to see the Fossil pavement and pick up some things for our little nephew that is due at the end of the year. We also successfully tracked down some tins of the famous Dorset Knobs for everyone to take home. We of course had to head back to our favourite, Swim, for our last dinner in Lyme Regis.

Last Day: Heading Home

It was finally time to pack up our bags and leave Belmont. I was sad to leave the beautiful pink home that had provided such a lovely base for our holiday. However, it was nice to be heading back home to our sweet little cats and house. We enjoyed a lovely brunch at River Cottage before heading to Bristol Airport to begin our journey home.

Favourite Reads of the Holiday:

Paper and Hearts Society by Lucy Powell

A lovely holiday read, that filled my heart with the joy and hope that comes with finding your people. I found I could relate to many of the characters in the book, and enjoyed hearing more about places that I had visited too, and the greatness of friendship and love.

Persuasion by Jane Austen

I must-read considering part of it was set where we were staying. I enjoyed it just as much this time as I did the first time. I think Anne is one of my favourite Austen heroines! It was the perfect start to my planned re-read of all of Austen’s books.

Favourite Dress of the Holiday:

I suppose that I am kind of cheating with this one, as I have it in both colours, and I refuse to choose between the two, but it would have to be the Natalie Toile De Jouy Dress from Joanie in both pink and blue. IT was so pretty and worked great for dinner and days just wandering around Lyme Regis. I loved the feminine floaty style of the dress and the buttons up the front made it perfectly summery. It even had pockets!!!


Preparing for the family holiday.

Hello lovelies! It’s me, back again after a ridiculously long hiatus that has been unfortunately caused by all the fun stuff… you know… finishing my Masters dissertation, finishing publishing projects, looking for jobs, and working. Things are finally starting to settle down though, just in time for our big family holiday to Lyme Regis.

Tomorrow we jet off at a rather reasonable morning time, where we will be joined by my wife’s family for a week of walks, reading, exploring, and undoubtedly book-shopping. As any fell Austen fans will probably recognise, Lyme Regis is the site of the infamous Cobb, as featured in Persuasion. But, rest assured, Granny (and all other members of the family) has been well warned that there is to be no jumping off of it, into the unexpecting arms of any gentleman below.

Today, we are just back from a yummy brunch with the in-laws who came down to stay so we could all head off together. We are meeting up with the others when we get there. For brunch, we went to Singl-End (surprise surprise) which everyone vastly approved of. The wife wore her new top we bought from the amazing Joanie Clothing.

When we got home, we finished off our packing with a certain little “helper” providing assistance (hindrance) to the process. Our little fur babies have been a little out of sorts since the suitcases first appeared – they know what’s coming. However, we have a lovely couple coming to take care of them and the rabbits whilst we are away, so I hope they dont miss us too much.

I am looking forward to posting all about our trip when we get back, and I am very excited to share some of the amazing dresses I am taking away with me. But until then….

Dearly Bookish



One of my favourite brunch places in the world is Singl-End in Glasgow. I have spent many a Sunday within its comfortable surroundings with many friends and family members. It is 100% my favourite place to recommend, and to make things even better, it is fairly local. If you live in the Glasgow area you should definitely check it out! Oh and the veggie selection is unparalleled.


About Me.

I am 23 years old, married, and a mum to two beautiful cats.

I love books (duh!), but the YA genre is what takes over my life right now. When I’m not reading, I am either cuddling my cats, binge-watching cheesy Netflix films, or out brunching with my beautiful wife.

I am creating this blog to share my love of books and vintage-style dresses, as well as providing general life updates through my weekly Sunday Brunch session. I hope you enjoy.

Stay tuned for our first Sunday Brunch session, it’s out next Sunday!

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